Weekday Meals – BLT Wraps

T usually works long hours and prefers dinner meals to take no more than 20 minutes to make.  Here’s one dish that she’s been eating this week (sometimes for lunch too).

T LOVES bacon, and BLTs are probably one of her favorite sandwiches, so she decided to create a simple BLT wrap with yummy additions.

To save time, use pre-cut/packaged salad and cherry tomatoes (no need to slice).

While washing the vegetables, start frying the bacon.  Slice the avocado.

When the bacon has finished cooking, set it aside and heat a flour tortilla in the bacon fat.  Sprinkle melting cheese of your choice on the tortilla on low heat with a cover.  Once the cheese melts, turn off the heat and start putting the ingredients together.

For presentation purposes, the ingredients are spread over the entire tortilla.  But, in order to roll a wrap, fillings should only take up half of the tortilla.

Place vegetables first, then add the bacon strips.  Drizzle a bit of simple and light salad dressing on top and wrap it up.

Admire and enjoy.

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